Tasty places

Odessa cuisine

Restaurant «KlaraBara»                                                        

Address: Preobrazhens`ka str.,28

The restaurant offers dishes from a variety of Black Sea fish and seafood.


Restaurant «Dacha»                                                                     

Address: Frantsuz`ky blvd., 85/3

Conceptual restaurant in the atmosphere of a seaside holiday home of the 1930s. In the menu – forshmak, chicken neck, aubergine caviar, sprat.


Cafe «Kompot»

Address: Derybasivska str., 20

The cafe is famous for meatballs from three types of meat, cheesecakes, pastries and home-made compote.


Restaurant «Maman»

Address: Lanzeronivs`ka str., 18

Here, overseas culinary delights adjoin the familiar homemade dishes such as cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes.

Ukranian cuisine

Restaurant «Kumanets»                                                  

Address:  Havanna str.,7

In this restaurant you can taste the incredibly delicious Ukrainian borsch with pampushki, kapustnyak and vareniki.


Restaurant «U»

Address:  Gretska str., 1A

Restaurant “U” is a restaurant of modern Ukrainian cuisine. The menu contains Ukrainian and Odessa dishes in both classical and modern readings, for example, borscht and its European counterpart, cream borscht. And also your favorite Odessa dishes – blue caviar, forshmak, rapana appetizer, tulka meatballs, fried zucchini with feta cheese and much more.


Restaurant on the coastline «Glechyk»

Address:  Shampans`ky Ln, 53

A cozy restaurant in a homely style, immersed in greenery, overlooking the sea.


Restaurant “Khmilna Kachka”     

Address:  Richelievska str.,31

The menu includes bogach, mushroom soup, banosh, milk mushrooms and more than 20 kinds of liqueurs, made according to the recipes of the Galicia monks.

Conceptual restaurants, cafes and bars

City Food Market

Address: Rishelievska str., 9А

Масштабный фудпроект площадью 1200 кв.м. Под одной крышей можно посетить рыбную лавку, суповую, гриль, пиццерию, бары с крафтовым пивом и пекарни.


Small but proud Khinkali bar Givi To Me

Address: Rishelievska str., 9А

The menu is based on khinkali, phali, khachapuri, lobio, satsivi, Georgian sandwiches and spring rolls.


Kotelok – Mussels Bar

Address: Sadova str., 17

Here you can try a variety of variations on the theme of fish and other seafood. Mussels have a special place, they are prepared in 12 different ways and served in pots.


Israeli restaurant Dizyngoff

Address: Katerynyns`ka Square, 5

This is a trendy restaurant serving popular dishes of the Middle Eastern, Mexican and Thai cuisine in the author’s version.

Restaurant Bernardazzi                               

Address: Bunina str., 15

A restaurant for those who know a lot about culinary delights and good alcohol – here is the richest wine list in Odessa.

The highlight of the restaurant is the incredibly beautiful summer terrace in the courtyard.


Steakhouse. Meat and Wine.

Address: Derybasivska str., 20

Restaurant for meat lovers who love variety in its preparation. Among the favorites of the Steakhouse guests are pepper steak and Tuscan appetizers.


Restaurant Fratelli

Address: Hrets`ka str., 17

Restaurant with a great selection of wines and classic Italian cuisine. It serves a variety of pasta and risotto, and focaccia, ciabatta and pizza chefs bake in their own wood stove.


Pub Friends and Beer

Address: Derybasivska str., 9

If you are an avid lover of craft beer, football, and tasty snacks, then it’s time to gather friends and go crunch the fried steers!


Moloost` café-bar

Address: Hrets`ka str., 19

Works 24/7. Music, menu, entourage – all come from the 90s. A place to drink a beer with snacks, eat a skillet of fried potatoes or a waffle cone with a great Russian salad.


Cocktail-bar The Fitz

Address: Katerynyns`ka str., 6

Atmospheric place for beautifully life and nontrivial rest lovers. Stylish interior – is the main feature of this place.