Interesting events

02 of September. Central concert venues of the city

Celebrating the 225th anniversary of the city

On September 2, at 9:00, the city’s birthday will begin with the traditional laying of flowers at the monument to the Founders of Odessa.

At 10:00 on Duma Square, a historical performance and the grand opening of the celebration of the City Day will take place.

At 12:00 on the Avenue of Stars will open new names.

At 19:00 on the Potemkin Stairs, a large concert program will begin. The headliner of the evening will be Italian opera singer Alessandro Safina. The celebration will end with colorful fireworks.

8th of September. Opera Theatre

Concert of soloists of the National Opera of Israel

The concert will be attended by leading soloists of the National Opera of Israel:
– Alla Vasilewicki, Veronica Brock, Shai Bloch; as well as soloists of the Odessa Opera: – Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladislav Goray, Alexey Zhmudenko
and a theater orchestra.
The concert program will include arias and duets from famous operas, romances, and folk songs.

Beginning at 18:30

14-15th of September. Green Theatre

Autumn gesheft 2019

It is amazing how autumn reveals in us the desire to create and learn. How the colors and shades of September nature evoke a mood that you want to follow. This time of year is always about real inspiration and pure creativity.

We will explore what inspires and follow what fills. Add abstraction, improvisation and free creativity. We will draw and sculpt, listen and dance, study and observe. Of course, get acquainted with new designers and makers, taking home a part of the festival and sharing the joy of these warm autumn days.


Entrance: 80 and 100 UAH. (both days)

15th of September. Primorskiy boulevard

Odessa Half Marathon 2019

07:00 – Opening of “The Town of Competition”
08:00 – Start at the distance 21.0975 km, relay 3 × 5 km + 1 × 6.0975 km;

08:20 – Rexona Mini Marathon Start 4.2 km;
11:15 – Start at the distance of 10 km;

11:25 AM – Start at 1.6 Herbalife Family Run;
12:50 – 1000m Ladies ‘Run’
13:00 – Start at 1000 meters (boys);
13:10 – Start at the distance of 500 meters (girls);
13:20 – Start at 500 meters (boys);
13:30 – 100 meters start (general start);
15:00 – Closure of “The Town of Competition”.